#Nafville2015: Our Top 5 Moments

Beth Slusher, Rivar’s President/CEO, and Jessica Wanek, one of our account executives, represented Rivar’s last week at the 2015 NAfME Conference in Nashville, TN. They had a wonderful time attending the conference, interacting with other supporters of music education, and playing a role in the furthering of music education. Here are some of their favorite moments from the conference:

  1. CMA (Country Music Association) Foundation announced it was giving the Give A Note Foundation a $150,000 grant to fund research about music education programs.

Beth is the President of Give A Note Foundation, and she had a few opportunities to speak at the conference. She was thrilled to announce this major donation from the CMA Foundation: “With our partners at NAfME, Give a Note Foundation will use the CMA grant funds to accomplish great things for music education!  We will be doing research that will help grantors, planners and educators guide their ideas about the next generation of support for music education. “

  1. Monster Mash!

Conference attendees could purchase tickets for this event, the proceeds of which went to Give A Note. Jessica said it was fun to see everyone dressed up in costumes having a ball at the concert.

  1. Beth presented for Give A Note before the opening concert.beth give a note NAfME

With Beth as our President/CEO, we hear a lot about her involvement with Give A Note and how much passion she has for music education. Jessica had never seen Beth present with Give A Note, and she said it was a proud moment for her as a Rivar’s employee to see our company’s executive present with the foundation and represent a cause that is so important to her.

  1. Jessica finally got to meet a long-time customer face-to-face.

We love our customers, and we talk to them a lot, but we hardly ever get to speak with them face-to-face. One of Jessica’s customers, who she has been working with for several years, visited her at the Rivar’s booth. Jessica said it was so fun to finally meet this director and talk to her in person. We hope we can see more of our customers in person at future conferences!

  1. Being the face of Rivar’s was a lot of fun!

Jessica and Beth are two members of a large Rivar’s team, and Jessica said she loved the opportunity to represent Rivar’s at the NAfME conference. Our company is a major proponent of music education in schools, and we are grateful to have had the chance to show our support at this year’s conference. Jessica spent most of her time at the conference at the Rivar’s vendor booth, and she said it was a lot fun to mingle with other people who believe in and support the same causes and ideas that Rivar’s does.

#NafvilNAfME image 1le2015 was a blast, and we are so happy to have been at the conference this year. We hope all of the other attendees had a great time, and we hope to see you the next NAfME conference!

What do I wear under my show choir costumes?

You’ve got the stunning costume, but what else do you need to wear with it?  Great undergarments will make your costume look better, and will make you feel more supported in your performance.  We’ve got the dish on the undergarments you need to perform!


A long line bra hides well under a show choir dress, and offers great support.

A supportive bra

Many costumes require a strapless bra, because of thin straps or detailed necklines.  A long line bra is often available in a strapless option, and extends down to or past the navel.  This helps smooth out the body under your costume, and also keeps you supported through heavy choreography.  Consider visiting a local specialty store, where representatives can help you find the right size.  Teachers, do you want to avoid the need of a strapless bra for your students?  Talk with your Rivar’s account manager about dress styles that work well with a bra with straps.


Rivar’s dance briefs are available in 14 colors, and are in stock!

Dance briefs

Dance briefs under your show choir dresses are a must.  With lots of choreography and movement, you want to make sure you are covered.  Some teachers choose a nude dance brief, if they want one dance brief to work with all the costumes students are wearing.  Other teachers prefer the dance brief to match each costume.  Rivar’s carries dance briefs in stock, in 14 colors, at only $10 each!


Rivar’s microfiber dance tights are in stock, and available for ordering online!

Dance tights


Quality dance tights are a great investment for your show choir costume.  Convenience store hosiery may be less expensive, but you will likely need to replace it several times throughout your season.  Dance tights are made for performance – they help support you, they make you look better under your costume and they will likely last longer.  Rivar’s offers two tight options – a shimmer tight, and a microfiber tight at the low price of $12-$13 per pair.


Rivar’s camisole leotard offers great coverage for backstage quick changes.

Camisole leotard

With quick costume changes backstage, some students are looking for a little extra coverage to feel comfortable.  Camisole leotards conceal well under many costumes, but keep you covered once the costume comes off.  A supportive bra and dance tights are still necessary underneath the camisole leotard.

Rivar’s online store is a great resource for show choir undergarments.  All items are typically in stock, and available for quick and convenient ordering online.