Why is the Super Bowl halftime show such a big deal?

Why is the Super Bowl halftime show such a big deal?

The office this morning was buzzing with talk of the Super Bowl, but considering the fact that we work in the music industry (for all intents and purposes), most of our conversations focused on the halftime show. We discussed things like Bruno Mars’ strange suit (he really needed a Rivar’s blazer), Chris Martin’s poor singing posture, and Beyonce’s ability to do no wrong (in our humble opinion). As we talked about our favorite and least favorite moments from last night’s show, it got me thinking: what makes the halftime show so special that it encourages many people to tune in for halftime and disregard the rest of the game? In this week’s blog, we’re going to highlight a few key points regarding the evolution of the Super Bowl halftime show and give you our top 3 reasons why we think the halftime show has become one of the biggest live entertainment shows of the year.


1960s through 1980s: The NFL keeps it classic with marching bands and some very family-friendly pop culture influence.

Show choir fans might like:

  • (1984) Disney’s Salute to the Silver Screen: girls with big hair dance in red sequined costumes, Goofy tap dances, and Mickey comes out to lead an encore of “When You Wish Upon a Star.” What more do you need?
  • (1988) The Radio City Rockettes tap their way across the field, accompanied by 88 pianos. It gets a little funky with a strange song about twisting and shouting (but it’s not “Twist and Shout”…), but the class and elegance of the Rockettes will win over every show choir kid’s heart.

1990s – mid-2000s: The halftime show begins to draw more viewers than the game itself.

  • (1993) Michael Jackson performs at the Super Bowl, making him the first major pop artist to perform at the halftime show. His performance completely altered the future of the Super Bowl halftime show.
  • (Late 1990s – 2005) The Super Bowl captivated older audiences in this era with artists such as The Who, The Rolling Stones, Prince, and U2. There were a few shows thrown in there with people like Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, and Justin Timberlake, but the older rockers dominated this era.


2011-2016: Pop stars are the name of the game.

  • (2011) Black-Eyed Peas
  • (2012) Madonna with Nicki Minaj, M.I.A., LMFAO, CeeLo Green
  • (2013) Beyonce and Destiny’s Child
  • (2014) Bruno Mars
  • (2015) Katy Perry
  • (2016) Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Beyonce
  • Need we say more?

OUR TOP 3: Reasons (we think!) the Super Bowl halftime show has become the entertainment event of the year.

  1. Big names mean big numbers.

Michael Jackson wasn’t exactly a small name in the early 90s, so it’s no wonder that the 1993 halftime show drew so many viewers. After attracting a massive TV audience, the networks and the NFL caught on and continued to move forward with a trend of inviting major names to perform at the Super Bowl. Since then, every artist who performed at the game was a chart-topper, and the halftime show continues to draw more viewers than the rest of the game.

  1. People love spectacle.

From the Ziegfeld Follies to the Super Bowl halftime show, there has been no shortage of “spectacle” in American history. What can we say? We love our sparkle and spectacle. We are in the show choir business after all. But truly, people LOVE spectacle. There’s something magically captivating about fireworks, moving stages, and flashing lights, and the spectacle continues to grow with each halftime show. If the 2016 halftime show was as spectacular as it was, we’re excited to see what will happen at future Super Bowl games.

  1. No team affiliation allows for a moment of unity.

While the pop stars are fantastic and the stages are incredible, we think it’s the non-competitive aspect of the halftime show that draws so many people. The Super Bowl can bring out the worst in team rivalries and create tension among fans, but the halftime show erases all tension and rivalry for at least fifteen minutes and allows everyone to come together and enjoy a great show. The only two aspects of the Super Bowl that have this ability are both music-related: the National Anthem and the halftime show. Music brings people together in the best way possible, and the Super Bowl halftime show is the perfect example of this beautiful gift that music offers.

We all loved watching the halftime show last night and are grateful that music, in some capacity, is a part of one of the largest sporting events every year. What are your favorite Super Bowl halftime show moments from your lifetime? We’d love to know!

What do high school sports and performing arts have in common?

What do high school sports and performing arts have in common?

Cliques are a defining factor of many students’ high school experience. They vary from school to school, but there always seems to be a division between athletics and performing arts. Last week, one of our marketing managers sent us this article about Chicago Cubs rookie Kyle Schwarber and his involvement in high school show choir. After a little more research, I found information about several other professional athletes who were involved in high school performing arts: Danica Patrick, Joe Montana, and Walter Payton, just to name a few. While the physical skills involved in sports and performing arts differ greatly, the professional and social skills share more commonalities than one might think. Both sports and the arts offer opportunities to foster important life skills that carry students far beyond the walls of their high school. Here are four skills that students develop in both sports and performing arts:


Just like football players must work together to score a touchdown, choir members must work together to make a beautiful sound. Harmony doesn’t exist musically (or socially!) unless students work as a group. It’s natural for a football team to have a star player, but he can’t win a game on his own. In choir, there will be soloists and featured performers, but soloists don’t win competitions—choirs do. Understanding how to work on a team is an essential life skill that will carry young adults far beyond high school, and both athletics and performing arts offer plenty of opportunities to develop that particular skill.


Whether it’s a championship basketball game or a show choir competition, everyone likes to win. Winning does not happen without hard work and a lot of it. Both athletes and music students learn very quickly that success does not come easily, and they must put their best foot forward on the stage and the court to be at the top of their game. Sports and music are both competitive fields, and competition offers students motivation to work their absolute hardest, and this development of work ethic and drive will carry them into their college careers, professional endeavors, and personal lives.


As rewarding as winning is, losing also builds character and is an extremely important part of all stages of life. After all, isn’t winning that much more gratifying if you understand how it feels to be on the other side of it? When a basketball team loses a game, they still line up to shake hands or give high-fives to the winning team at the end of a game. When a show choir places lower than they would like to at a competition, that choir’s representatives must keep a positive face on stage during the awards ceremony. While losing can be difficult, it often contributes to a stronger drive following the loss, which plays a role in the future success of the team, the group, and the individual.


High school athletes train for months in their chosen sport to get in the best shape they can and hone the skills that will offer them the best chance at winning. They also work hard to stay healthy so that their bodies are able to perform at the highest level possible. Performing arts students practice their music and choreography for months before performances and competitions so they can perform to their best of their abilities and hopefully win the competition they’re at. These students must take vocal and physical health into consideration as they prepare for their shows. To perfect any skill, one must put forth a lot of time and effort, and high school athletics and performing arts are both great arenas in which to learn this.

The football field and the stage may sit far apart on a high school campus, but both places offer opportunities for students to develop skills that are important during their high school years and in the time after they graduate. Whether a student chooses a high school sport, auditions for the show choir, or has the wonderful chance to participate in both, that student is learning how to be a team player, developing a drive to succeed, understanding how to lose gracefully, and perfecting their chosen skill. When that happens, everybody wins.

How do I outfit the boys in my concert choir?

How do I outfit the boys in my concert choir?

You’ve got the girls in your group set with a beautiful dress.  Now how about the boys?  Rivar’s offers several men’s options that are classic, timeless, and pair beautifully with our women’s collection.


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Rivar's classic tuxedo ensemble

Rivar’s classic tuxedo ensemble

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NEW! Rivar's exclusive slim fit blazers in red, with black faux leather details

NEW! Rivar’s exclusive slim fit blazers in red, with black faux leather details

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Our account management team is here to help you create the perfect look for your group.  We will also guide you through your sizing and ordering questions to make the process as easy as possible for you.  Start browsing our online catalog to plan your costumes today!