Show Choir Dresses and Concert Apparel Fabric Care

Download the Fabric Care PDF.

Fabric and Garment Care

  • We recommend hand washing and hanging or laying flat to dry for all garments unless otherwise specified as machine washable.
  • Garments labeled as machine washable should be laundered on the gentle cycle tumble dried low with like colors.
  • Some formal wear items can be dry-cleaned. Ask your account manager.
  • Always consult a cleaning professional prior to using any method other than those recommended on the garment label.
  • Fabric swatches are available upon request for testing any cleaning method.

Performance apparel requires special care. Here are a few helpful hints…

  • All straps on our garments are attached in the front only. Since every individual’s body shape is different, the straps are left unattached at the back so you can customize the length to best fit you.
  • Performance apparel requires special care. Some fabrics and hems may be delicate.
  • Look for our label in the garment and notice there is a place for you to write your name. We don’t want to see your clothing get mixed up with anyone elses.
  • Find a local tailor to help with any minor costume adjustments that may be required throughout the season.

Any or all of the following may adversely affect all fabrics:

  • Deodorants – use only clear or non-whitening
  • Hairspray – avoid direct contact to your garments
  • Perspiration
  • Heat
  • Direct, indirect or extended exposure to sunlight.
  • Dry cleaning is not recommended.

Additional Fabric Information:

  • Fabric availability and dye lots cannot be guaranteed. Contact your account manager to discuss available options for add-on garments.
  • Minimum yardage requirements may apply for some fabrics.
  • Rivar’s reserves the right to discontinue any fabric at any time without prior notice.
  • No warranty is expressed or implied.

Be sure to distribute this information to the members in your organization.