Meet Our Team: Karen Pappas


Tell me about yourself.

I am from Indianapolis, Indiana. I grew up in Wanamaker and went to Franklin Central High School. My mother and father still live in Wanamaker. I have two brothers that are older than me. Everyone in my family is a musician. My father made a living as a guitarist and singer and my mother as a singer and a bass player. My parents met in Bloomington working on Channel 4 TV station doing a live Country Western Show in 1949. I went to IUPUI and North Carolina School of the Arts to study theatre. I have worked as an Actress most of my life, with different jobs here and there to supplement my income. I lived in NYC for more than twenty years off and on. I love to go camping and hiking, attend the theatre and concerts. I love all music but my favorite is jazz. I like to sew and make jewelry. I adore vintage clothing, especially coats and jewelry. I love to travel, especially abroad. I love Archeology and hope some day to travel to Peru to see the Aztec ruins. I am an Interpreter at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis where I teach Paleontology and Archeology.

What is your connection to the crazy world of show choir?

I became involved in show choir in high school. I sang with the Franklin Central Singers. I became involved with Rivar’s when I started sewing as a seasonal employee.

What is your favorite outfit/dress/garment in this year’s catalog and why?

I really love the 1026PAN in the Red Empire Sequins. Red is my favorite color and that sequin design has a vintage, almost 20’s look. I also love the Tiara Glitter fabric in any style. It looks amazing under the lights.

What is your work background and your education background? 

I have worked as a Professional Actress most of my life, living out of NYC and traveling to various theaters or with touring companies. I have worked on stage at Beef and Boards, and also was an assistant in their costume shop. I have worked in offices of all types in NYC as a temp. I worked as a freelance proofreader. I have catered for Lincoln Center, waited tables, worked as a brand ambassador, worked at entertainment parks and museums, including The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. I recently taught Preschool in Fishers.

If you could tell customers one thing about you, what would it be?

I love to laugh.

Favorite ice cream flavor?

All of them! It’s my favorite food group.

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