Meet Our Team: Alyssa Thorne

We are gearing up for our busiest (and favorite) time of year, and our sales team is ready to go! New fabrics, new designs, and some new faces are at Rivar’s, and we wanted to take the time to introduce you to the newest members of our team. More often than not, we only get to work with you over the phone or via email, but we want you to know a little more about the people that are here to serve you and bring your costume dreams to life. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be sharing introductions from the Rivar’s team so you can get to know us better. First up is a new member of our sales team!


Tell me about yourself!

I’m from Vincennes, IN.  I moved to Indianapolis about two months ago. My hobbies include shopping, traveling, and reading.  I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend and our families.



What is your connection to the crazy world of show choir?

To my misfortune, I was not blessed with a decent voice.  While it does not stop me from singing around my house, in the car, or randomly in the office, I put most of my focus into band and other performing arts.  I was a dancer for 16 years.  When I was in high school I joined color guard.  In high school I was also the vice president for our Tri-M society, which connected me to our show choir.

What is your favorite outfit/dress/garment in this year’s catalog and why?

The 2141SEP in the blue tiara is to die for. We have one in the showroom that I will just put on for fun.  I’m obsessed! But really anything in the new tiara glitter fabric is just stunning. When you put it under the show lights it is breath taking.

What is your work background and your education background? 

I am a recent graduate of University of Southern Indiana. While I was there, I double majored in marketing and management. I also put myself through high school and college by working at Maurice’s.  I worked there for 7 years and became a Co-store manager. Maurice’s taught me so much about leadership, personal development, and outstanding customer service that I’m ready to carry it on to the next chapter of my work life!

If you could tell customers one thing about you, what would it be?

I’m your advocate! I am here for you, so let me help all I can.

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Strawberry. DUH.

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