Go out with a bang!

Looking for the best way to “go out with a bang?” Let Rivar’s help you put together your best competition look! Last week, we talked about THINGS TO REMEMBER when designing a closer costume, and our tips included reminders about quick-changes, comfort, and pizzazz. This week, we’re focusing on fabrics so that you can design a closing costume that really pops on the competition stage! Keep reading to find out more about our favorite fabrics for show choir competition closer costumes.

pink-geometryGEOMETRY METALLIC KNITturquoise-geometry-tunic

It’s stretchy, it’s shiny, and it is sure to make a statement on stage. This is our first year working with geometry metallic knit, and we are so excited to see all of the different ways directors use this fabric for their show choir costumes. From tunics to flash dresses to peplum tops, this fabric is hard to beat with it’s comfort and versatility. It comes in six bold colors: silver, turquoise, fuchsia, kelly green, gold, and red.

My favorite look in the catalog is pictured to the left. You can customize your own leggings and pair it with this fabulous peplum top! So fierce.


Edgy, bold, and striking are just a few words we could use to describe this new, Rivar’s exclusive fabric. Because it displays sequins in every color of the rainbow, you can mix it match it with almost any fabric. Line it in pink metallic knit (right) or stick to a basic black (left). Pair it with burgundy sparkle illusion for a classic look or pick out a different color to feature on this stunning sequin fabric. This fabric would look great at any point in your competition set, but its striking geometric pattern is sure to help you finish strong.

Black and Empire (Katelin)2098TUNPink and Empire (Molly)


What about those dashing men? This year, we’re making our men’s custom shirts and jackets from a fabric called Mystique. Unlike metallic knit, it won’t rub off from sweat stains and friction, so its durability is sure to keep your men looking their best during the show choir competition season. We love these Mystique jackets and shirts for men’s closing costumes. They create a nice contrast from a traditional suit but still look great with a pair of black pants so your guys don’t have to change their entire outfit!


Want something a little softer that still makes a statement? Try designing an outfit with spotlight stretch velvet! As beautiful as this fabric looks in the catalog, a photograph doesn’t do it justice. Just like with Geometry, this fabric is stretchy and versatile and can be used for dresses, tunics, and tops–whatever you feel will make your group stand out in their closing number. This fabric is one of the softest fabrics we carry, so it definitely gets a 10/10 for comfort!


You want your group to be successful on the competition stage, and we know that Rivar’s can be a part of that. With so many options to make your show choir look their best, we have no doubt that you’ll “go out with a bang” in a Rivar’s costume!

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