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It’s the night of the concert, and a student runs into the choir room in a panic.

“I forgot my briefs!” she says.

Now what? You can’t let a girl spin around in a show choir costume without briefs. So the student has to call the parent, who has to hunt down the briefs in a teenage bedroom (never fun) and bring them to her child at school. The concert is now delayed, and you have an audience full of impatient parents who are just waiting to see their kid’s shining face on stage.

It’s not an ideal situation, but we know that it happens. How can you avoid running into this messy situation? Keep some extra basic items on hand! This week, I came up with a list of four in-stock items that are great things to keep on-hand in case of those unwanted emergencies. The best part? They’re all available in our online store!

BOWTIES and TIES3805mac-as (bowties)

When I was in choir, our men seemed to have trouble remembering two things: black socks and their ties. Bowties and straight ties are inexpensive and come in one size, so they are easy to keep on hand. In our online store, we offer black bowties for only $3 (that’s a steal!) and sequin bowties in red, black, or white for just $15. Our speed ties come in 8 different colors and fasten with velcro. You can even choose a faster shipping option if you need them more quickly than standard ground shipping!

crisp-color-shirtsMEN’S SHIRTS

Sizing may be a more difficult thing to predict in this case, but it never hurts to have a few of your more common sizes on hand. Our men’s shirts are available in 10 different colors and a wide variety of sizes. For those of you with smaller guys, our black and white dress shirts are also available in boys’ sizes. 


They may be more dependable than pantyhose, but dance tights are not bullet (or hairpin) proof, so having extra pairs of dance tights is always a good idea! When we would travel during competition season, each girl was supposed to bring two pairs of tights with her just in case they snagged. The tights don’t come in too many sizes because they’re very stretchy, so you don’t need to worry about having the wrong size on hand. Hairspray might fix a run in tights until intermission, but having a second pair ready to go for Act II is something I highly recommend.


Remember that poor girl at the beginning of our blog post? Forgetting briefs has happened to the best of us, so having extra pairs in your costume closet can bring everyone’s heart rate down before a show. At my high school, all the women wore black briefs no matter the dress color, so deciding what to order extra of was never an issue. If you have briefs that match your dresses, consider purchasing a few extra pairs in your most common sizes. Briefs are also available in plus sizes, but these sizes may take a little more time to ship. 

While responsibility and accountability are two life skills that students learn when they study music, these are teenagers we’re dealing with. Life will happen. Things will be forgotten. But you can cover your behind (literally) by keeping a few extra things in storage. Check out our online store for a super easy way to order your extra stock items!

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