Go out with a bang!

Looking for the best way to “go out with a bang?” Let Rivar’s help you put together your best competition look! Last week, we talked about THINGS TO REMEMBER when designing a closer costume, and our tips included reminders about quick-changes, comfort, and pizzazz. This week, we’re focusing on fabrics so that you can design a closing costume that really pops on the competition stage! Keep reading to find out more about our favorite fabrics for show choir competition closer costumes.

pink-geometryGEOMETRY METALLIC KNITturquoise-geometry-tunic

It’s stretchy, it’s shiny, and it is sure to make a statement on stage. This is our first year working with geometry metallic knit, and we are so excited to see all of the different ways directors use this fabric for their show choir costumes. From tunics to flash dresses to peplum tops, this fabric is hard to beat with it’s comfort and versatility. It comes in six bold colors: silver, turquoise, fuchsia, kelly green, gold, and red.

My favorite look in the catalog is pictured to the left. You can customize your own leggings and pair it with this fabulous peplum top! So fierce.


Edgy, bold, and striking are just a few words we could use to describe this new, Rivar’s exclusive fabric. Because it displays sequins in every color of the rainbow, you can mix it match it with almost any fabric. Line it in pink metallic knit (right) or stick to a basic black (left). Pair it with burgundy sparkle illusion for a classic look or pick out a different color to feature on this stunning sequin fabric. This fabric would look great at any point in your competition set, but its striking geometric pattern is sure to help you finish strong.

Black and Empire (Katelin)2098TUNPink and Empire (Molly)


What about those dashing men? This year, we’re making our men’s custom shirts and jackets from a fabric called Mystique. Unlike metallic knit, it won’t rub off from sweat stains and friction, so its durability is sure to keep your men looking their best during the show choir competition season. We love these Mystique jackets and shirts for men’s closing costumes. They create a nice contrast from a traditional suit but still look great with a pair of black pants so your guys don’t have to change their entire outfit!


Want something a little softer that still makes a statement? Try designing an outfit with spotlight stretch velvet! As beautiful as this fabric looks in the catalog, a photograph doesn’t do it justice. Just like with Geometry, this fabric is stretchy and versatile and can be used for dresses, tunics, and tops–whatever you feel will make your group stand out in their closing number. This fabric is one of the softest fabrics we carry, so it definitely gets a 10/10 for comfort!


You want your group to be successful on the competition stage, and we know that Rivar’s can be a part of that. With so many options to make your show choir look their best, we have no doubt that you’ll “go out with a bang” in a Rivar’s costume!

Tips for Designing a Closer Costume

While holiday shows are coming together, it’s crazy that we’re already gearing up for show choir competition season! But you know as well as we do that an early start guarantees less stress as the spring competition season draws near. We are dedicating the month of November to closer costumes so that you can make a flashy exit when you party off stage at the end of your set. This week, I’m sharing a few tips that will help you design your strongest competition closer costume.

  1. Remember those darn quick-changes!2066TUN

When designing a closer outfit, the number one thing to remember is that your students will have next to zero time to change into it. So it should be easy to put on and not require a lot of help from other people. Tunics and separates both fit under this umbrella. If you go with a shorter tunic that requires leggings, the leggings will be easy to put on over dance tights, and they don’t require any help from a wardrobe crew member. (Do be careful with your character SHOES during this change!) Stretchy fabrics can work well, but even with stretchy fabrics, picking a garment with a zipper will pose less problems for your girls’ hair when they have to pull things over their head!

  1. 2098TUNComfort is key.

Obviously, your kids will need to dance their butts off in these closer costumes. But they will also be in these costumes the longest because of viewing their set and making their way back to their dressing room at a competition. If you design a costume that isn’t too cumbersome, your students will love you for it! Again, tunics and leggings are a great option for this, especially when the tunic is made from smoother fabrics like empire sequins and Geometry metallic knit.

  1. Make a statement!1089FLT-2404SKT

This is the last thing the judges (and the audience) will see you, so make a fabulous final impression! When you buy a Rivar’s costume, you are guaranteed to be classy, edgy, and fierce all at once. We can help you design a costume that is going to make your students shine the brightest and feel their best on stage. And we can assure you that we can always make a costume that the judges will remember!

Stay tuned this month as we dive into the world of competition closer outfits. We’ll be talking about our favorite fabric options for closers and sharing other ideas that you can use to put your best foot forward on stage. Let’s gear up for competition season TOGETHER!

Tales from a Student Teacher

jake-blog-2As someone who majored in music and was very involved with music in school, I have a lot of friends who are aiming to be music educators. It’s exciting that there are so many young people who want to continue bringing music to youth in schools all over the country. For this week’s blog, I wanted to feature someone who is in the middle of their first student teaching experience. My guest blogger this week is Jake Gadomski, a senior at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music (my alma mater); he is currently student teaching for choirs at a high school in northern Indiana. The school is also a Rivar’s school, so they are doubly blessed with a great student teacher and fabulous costumes. Check out what Jake has to say so far about his experience in the classroom!

5 Things That I Have Learned So Far About Teaching Music


I deal with a variety of different choirs and a variety of different students because of this. I teach a freshmen girl’s choir, an intermediate mixed choir, and Varsity Singers. A lot of students in my freshmen girl’s choir and intermediate mixed choir do not want to participate as much, which can be really frustrating when you are giving 100% to make these choirs sound good. Eventually, these choirs came around and sounded great for the concert. This has taught me that all of those days that frustrated me can lead to something great in the long run.


Music education has an enormous impact on students. I teach at an urban school where a lot of students come from a lower socio-economic status and have rough family lives. Music is used as a sanctuary and escape for these students when they are going through a hard time. The impact that a music teacher can make is priceless because you can be a role model and be there for them when they need you the most.


I have become a lot more confident as a teacher and person since I have become a music educator. I used to get nervous teaching in front of people, but now it has become second nature. I also was not sure if teaching would be my career goal, but now I am certain that this is the right thing for me to do.


My performance skills have gotten better since I am teaching performance skills to students every day. Some of these skills include vocal technique, breathing, telling a story, and being expressive. Some of these skills were concepts I have struggled with myself as a performer, but I have improved at these skills as I have been teaching them to others.


I have become a better teacher through more teaching experience. I am also working with a variety of different choirs/music classes, which allows me to learn how to teach a variety of different students. I am much more assertive as a teacher and am a better conductor since I have been teaching.


I am glad that Jake was able to take some time to share his thoughts on being a new teacher in the world of music education. I’m sure that a lot of student teachers and new teachers can relate to where he is in his education journey. We are so appreciative of all of our music educators. Please know how much good you are bringing to your students every day!

Tunics: Elegant, Edgy, and Enchanting

When it comes to show choir costumes, the first image that pops into my head is a panel dress made from a sequin fabric. While this is a classic and beautiful option, there is so much to be said for tunics! Just like with our panel dress styles, you can choose from a wide variety of fabrics to make them fit your show choir’s style and personality. We have a new tunic style this year with a high collar (it’s pretty fierce in my humble opinion) as well as our classic cuts from past catalogs. Whether you’re looking for something elegant, edgy, or enchanting (see what I did there…?), we can help you design the best tunic for your show choir!

ELEGANTFuchsia Barcelona (Rachel)1097-tunic-in-black-sassy

With fabric options like Barcelona sequins, who’s to say a sassy tunic can’t be elegant? If you want something in a tunic style but with a little more class, try a fabric like Barcelona sequins, brilliant sequins, or even sassy sequins in the right color. Darker and bolder colors tend to express elegance more than neons and metallics, so these fabrics are a great option for elegant tunics.



Looking for something a little sharper for the stage? Design an edgy tunic with fabrics like geometry, faux leather, empire sequins, and metallic knit. Another great way to design something with more edge is to combine a classic fabric, like sassy sequins, with an edgy fabric like faux leather. We love the options you have with the 2118TUN (featured below with fuchsia sassy sequins and faux leather) because you get to pick two fabrics for this style! Stay tuned for our blog posts in November… we’ll be talking about a variety of options you have with these edgier fabrics as we prepare you for designing your competition set closing outfits!












I had to… because, have you seen how beautiful enchanted sequins are? This gorgeous fabric is now available in FIVE colors, all of which will look beautiful as a tunic dress! Going for enchanting and edgy? Try the new black and silver enchanted sequins! Want something more feminine or understated? Check out enchanted in lilac or hot pink. You seriously cannot go wrong with this fabric. The best part? It’s a Rivar’s exclusive, so you won’t find this fabric anywhere else!

Tunics are an incredibly versatile show choir costume piece to put your girls in. They’re budget-friendly, available in almost any fabric you want, and they can be worn for so many different styles of music. Change up your show choir wardrobe, and throw on a tunic for a brand new look!

Anatomy of a Show Choir Costume

With fall concerts quickly approaching, it can be overwhelming to remember everything that goes into costumes for your show choir. This week, we’re showing you the anatomy of a show choir costume for both men and women. I’ve written several different blog posts that cover a lot of the topics you’ll see notes about in this post, so click on the links to read more details about helping your kids look their best on stage!female-dress-anatomy


Since you know your Rivar’s dress will pop on stage, it’s essential that faces do as well. Share our makeup tutorial with your girls to help them put their best face forward.


Earrings are the perfect finishing touch to a show choir dress. We offer a wide variety of earrings (and a new style this year!) and they’re available in the online store!


You’d be surprised at how many directors forget to order briefs until the last minute. Let me tell you… they are a necessity! For something neutral, order black or nude. If you want to match the dress perfectly, you can pick from a huge selection of colors, all of which are available in plus-sizes.


Do we even need to write about this? By choosing a Rivar’s dress, you know you’re getting quality, style, and as much sparkle as you want! In this picture, we’ve featured one of our new exclusive fabrics, turquoise enchanted sequins.


There are usually two options for hosiery: dance tights or pantyhose. If you’re looking for durability and comfort, dance tights are the way to go, and you can purchase those in our online store or from your account manager. Pantyhose are another option, but (from personal experience) they’re not as comfortable for your girls and they wear easily.


Finding the right character shoes for your group can be overwhelming. Different dance styles require different shoes, so the right shoe for your group may be different from other groups. Check out our blog post about shoes for details on a variety of character shoe options.

  • male-outfit-anatomyTIE

The perfect accessory to any male show choir outfit is a fantastic tie. You can order a basic color (or a sequin bowtie!) in our online store or do a custom tie to match your girls’ dresses! If you want suspenders to go with your bowties, we now offer matching sets that are available in our online store. With straight ties and bowties, the possibilities are endless.


Ties may be considered optional, but a shirt is not! With your boys’ neck and sleeve measurements, you can order all the dress shirts you need, and they’re available in our online store. We recommend keeping a few extra on hand in case “boys will be boys” becomes a little too real on the day of your concert.

  • VEST

For another layer of fashion, consider adding a vest to your men’s outfits. You can do a vest underneath a jacket for something formal, or you can go jacket-less and just rock a basic vest to let the dress shirt color pop and play against the color of the girls’ dresses. We offer several fun vests in our online store (plaid and sequins are now available in 2-4 weeks), but you can also customize a vest in any fabric you want.


Just like shirts, pants are not an option. Make your life easy and buy your pants in our online store or order them through your account manager so they’ll ship with your other items. You can choose from pleated, flat-front, or tux pants.


There are so many options when it comes to jackets. From tux jackets to classic cuts, stunning new suits to exclusive blazers (check out our favorite blazer/dress combos!, we can help you find the perfect jacket for your men. A jacket can take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary!


There may be a lot of options for menswear, but there aren’t quite as many for shoes. The most popular male character shoe is a basic black. If you want something a little jazzier, consider custom shoes or just painting your basic character shoes.

As you already know, there is so much to remember when you’re putting together your show choir outfits. We are happy to help make your life easier, especially when it comes to costuming your kids. We want them to look their best so you have one less thing to worry about when the day of the concert arrives!

Match Made in (Show Choir) Heaven

When we dig through our closets to find something to wear, we often find pieces that force us to pause and ask, “What am I going to wear with this?” Show choir costumes shouldn’t be this difficult. Lucky for you, our Rivar’s exclusive blazers come in three timeless colors and can be paired with endless show choir dresses. This week, I picked out my favorite pairings of dresses and Rivar’s exclusive blazers to give you some ideas on the perfect choir costumes for your ensemble!


Nothing says classy and versatile like a fierce black blazer. Our Rivar’s exclusive blazer is timeless with a modern edge, and it offers a dash of something special with faux leather lapels and a double pocket. Because black goes with everything, you can take this blazer in any style direction you choose.


1026-red-brilliant-sequins1026PAN in red brilliant sequins

Red and black are an elegant color pair that consistently sparkles on stage. I always think of classic broadway shows (complete with a top hat) like 42nd Street and Singin’ in the Rain  when I see this color pairing. You can also take red and black to an edgier place if you’re channeling a show like Chicago or Nine. The options are endless.


1004PAN in royal sassy sequins

The best thing about blue? It looks great on everyone! In my time working at Rivar’s, I’ve found that many schools use school colors for their choir costumes. Royal blue is a common school color, so this dress is a great option to pair with the exclusive black blazer. Love the fabric but need a different neckline? You can use sassy sequins on almost any dress style you want!


1068-black-silver-flapper1068PAN in black/silver flapper sequins

The only thing more timeless than black on its own is black and silver. If you’d like to play with a monochromatic color scheme, black and silver is the way to go. We have a myriad of black and silver fabric options, but I love the way that the flapper sequins sparkle on stage, so that’s why I picked this dress!





Gray is the new black. Seriously, it is the neutral of the year! In keeping with top fashion trends, we offer our exclusive blazer in a stunning silver. This was our biggest seller last season, and we are excited that other people love it as much as we did. The gray-t thing (see what I did there?) about the silver blazer is that it can be dressed up or down depending on what you pair it with.


1096-in-purple-celebrity1096PAN in purple celebrity sequins

You’d think we’re partial to Rivar’s exclusives (maybe we are), but there’s a reason we make them exclusive: they’re beautiful! Purple celebrity sequins are one of our exclusive fabrics, and purple and silver may be one of my favorite color pairs. And how about this new dress style? There’s nothing to say but “yes” to this unique neckline.

1097ATU-black1053ATU in black enchanted sequins

Remember when I mentioned black and silver? Still true. Only this time, the women are primarily wearing black while the men sport the silver. This new color of enchanted sequins is unlike any show choir dress fabric I’ve seen, and I can’t wait to see how different groups rock this fabric on stage. By putting the men in silver blazers, the silver sequins in the black enchanted will pop!



Turquoise Enchanted (Molly)1010PAN in turquoise enchanted sequins

I didn’t intentionally pair all exclusive fabrics with this silver blazer, but here we are again. Enchanted sequins are another top seller, and I think I can see why. Just like with the black enchanted, pairing a turquoise enchanted show choir dress with the silver blazer will bring out the silver in the turquoise fabric. Just like royal blue, turquoise is a color that looks great on everyone, so it’s a solid option for choirs with a lot of diversity.





After featuring two neutrals, we’re now onto our snazzy red blazer! I am such a sucker for red on stage (even though finding a matching lipstick may pose a serious beauty challenge for the women, am I right?), and this blazer is no exception. It may not be quite as versatile as the black or the silver, but it may win the award for making the biggest fashion statement on stage.


1018-in-black-flapper-with-red-metallic-knit1018PAN in black/silver flapper sequins lined in red metallic knit

Directors (and our designers/account managers) often get stuck in the land of matchy-matchy costumes. The great thing about lining your show choir dresses is that you can pick a totally different lining color than the top layer of fabric, and that’s what we did with this 1018 panel dress. Traditionally, we’d line this dress in black, but to create something special, we lined it in red metallic knit, which gives it an entirely different look and pairs perfectly with the red exclusive blazer.


1096PAN1096PAN in red Barcelona sequins

We love our Barcelona sequins as much as we love our red blazers, so why not put them together? You can’t put two classy things together and not end up with perfection. This is a prime example. Both the red Barcelona sequins and the red exclusive blazer feature black accents that play off each other.




1097-tunic-in-black-sassy1097TUN in black sassy sequins

I know, I know… it’s not a panel dress. But that’s the beauty of a versatile blazer and our fabulous Rivar’s designs–you can do what you want! In this pair, the men are the pop of color while the women keep it simple in black sequins. If you want to do a panel dress in black sequins, be my guest. It’s your choir, and you can make them look fabulous in your own unique way.

I don’t think I need to summarize much here because it’s pretty evident how stunning and versatile these Rivar’s exclusive blazers are. The girls may get the sequins, but the men are lucky enough to have these fantastic jackets as a choir costume option. Call your account manager to chat about getting these blazers for your men OR order them with ease from our online store. They deserve the best, and that’s what Rivar’s will always give them.

How do I dress my middle school choir?

How do I dress my middle school choir?

Our top picks for middle school choir costumes

A few weeks ago, I helped my middle school choir teacher fit her show choir boys for suits. It gave me a whole new perspective trying to purchase costumes for middle school boys! Holy cow! We had suits in both boys and mens sizes, and we had to mix and match suit jackets and pants to get them on the right boys. And when we found a good fit for their shoulders, the sleeves were too short. It was frustrating, but it was eye-opening to someone who has worked on the other side of choir costuming.
We have middle school choir teachers call in all the time, and without exception, they find middle school choir costumes to pose numerous challenges. The kids will grow all year long, so sleeve and dress lengths require neverending alterations. Everyone is developing at a different rate, so finding one dress style that looks good on your girls can be near impossible. While we can’t offer you a quick-fix for your rapidly-growing students, we can offer some fantastic choir costume solutions to make your middle school group look their absolute best!


red plaid vestsilver-vestWith an adjustable strap and a variety of color options, our new QUICK-SHIP VESTS are a great option for your growing young men. For this year’s catalog, we put our younger male models in these vests to make sure the fit works on younger guys, and they looked fantastic! If you want to know more about these new quick-ship items (and why we love them), check out our blog post dedicated to these vests



Looking for something sparkly to match your girls’ dresses? Design a CUSTOM TIE! We can make ties from almost any fabric–sequins, sparkles, and more. If you’re wondering how to best match the dresses you’ve put your girls in, call your account manager to talk about designing the perfect tie!





It’s common knowledge that boys majorly range in size throughout middle school, but sometimes people forget how much girls grow in middle school, too. As someone who shot up seven inches in three years, I understand how tough it can be to fit a preteen girl. In addition to height, girls all develop at different rates, so fitting bust and hip areas can be tough. Lucky for you, we offer some of our dresses in both juniors and adult sizes so you can fit every girl in your group! Here are a few of our favorite options:

1007-jr-turquoise-flapper1007-turquoise-barcelonaIf square necklines are your thing, then the 1007 DRESS is your best bet. This style is available in any fabric you can think of (we’ve shown it in flapper sequins and turquoise Barcelona), and it can be designed as a panel dress or an attached dress. This is one of our most popular styles for a reason–it looks great on everyone!





For something with a little more coverage on the top, check out our 1033 DRESS STYLE! You can add an extra touch of sparkle with a rhinestone button at the top of the keyhole. We’ve shown it here in showstopper babydot and flapper because, like the 1007, you can customize this show choir dress in any fabric you want!




Middle school can be a tough time for students, and we know that there are many challenges with being a middle school music educator. Fitting your kids in costumes shouldn’t be one of them, so we are here to help. Add a custom tie and a fabulous dress to bring a touch of sparkle (and confidence!) to every kid in your choir!

Why You Will Love Our NEW Quick-Ship Vests!

Why You Will Love Our NEW Quick-Ship Vests!

27 38843_out_rtchAs a woman in show choir, I knew I would always sparkle on stage. Our dresses were made of sequins or glitter or fabulous fabric, and all we needed were stage lights to make us look our best. But what about the boys? They may not admit it… but I know they want to shine on stage just as much as the girls! As always, Rivar’s is here to help. We are so excited about our new quick-ship vest and tie combos in four fantastic plaids and five fabulous colors of sequins. This week on our blog, we’re telling you why you will LOVE our new quick-ship vests!

  1. Budget-friendlyred plaid vest

Looking for a lot of sparkle with a lower price tag? How about a lot of character for just a little bit of money? Rivar’s new quick-ship vests are perfect for your performance group. The sequin vest package includes a matching bow-tie, and the entire combo is only $49. If you want something fun without the sparkle, our plaid vest (which comes with a coordinating straight tie) rings in at only $39. Groups with a lower-budget will love these less expensive mens’ items!

  1. Available in a variety of colors

When we selected the colors of these fantastic vests, we looked at the colors you love the most for your dresses. Royal blue, red, and black came out on top. We also offer a sassy purple plaid (which we love for middle school!) and some silver and gold sequin vests to coordinate with any color you want. Rest assured, we can offer you the perfect color to match your fantastic Rivar’s show choir dresses.

sequin vest swatchesplaid vest swatches

  1.  Tie is included!

There are so many things to remember when ordering choir costumes for your group. You’ve got the pants and the shirt and the vest, but what about those ties that really do “tie” it all together? Lucky for you, they’re included in the package (and the price!) of these new quick-ship vests. The sequin vests are paired with a matching bow-tie while the plaid vests come with a matching straight-tie. You get two items with one order placement. How easy is that?

  1. purple plaid vest Adjustable sizing

We understand that fitting growing boys into choir costumes can be a challenge. These vests are perfect for those growing boys! Each vest features an adjustable strap in the back to accommodate a variety of sizes and keep up with those growth spurts. We hear a lot of comments from middle school teachers that it can be difficult to find good menswear for their groups because they are looking for affordable items in fun colors. Look no further! You can purchase a black or white dress shirt in boys or mens sizing and pair it with a new quick-ship vest!

  1. Quick-ship and in our online store

When we say quick-ship, we mean it! Both the sequin and the plaid vests are quick-ship items, which means that there’s only a two-week turnaround time after you place your order. We think it’s awesome, too.

  1. Your guys will shine!turquoise plaid vest

Usually the show choir dresses get all the attention. These vests offer your guys their turn in the spotlight. Whether you want fun and funky plaid or classy and sparkly sequins, we can make your guys look their absolute best on stage. Isn’t it time the men got a chance in the spotlight?

We know you’re going to love these new quick-ship vests as much as we do. Check them out in our online catalog and talk to your account manager about getting your new vests ordered for this school year!

Why we love our new Rivar’s EXCLUSIVE fabrics!

Why we love our new Rivar’s EXCLUSIVE fabrics!

I remember the day that Beth, our President/CEO, brought in samples of new fabric options last spring. The cold weather was bringing us down, but a box of gorgeous fabric samples perked up the whole office! Some were funky, others were overwhelming, and a few were absolutely perfect. And those are this year’s Rivar’s exclusives.

There is always a lot to think about when you’re designing show choir dresses. You want them to look good on everyone. You want them to make a statement on stage. You want them to be unique, different from just an “ordinary show choir dress” (if there is such a thing with sequins involved!). Rivar’s exclusive fabrics are a fantastic way to check off everything on your list for designing choir costumes. We put a lot of thought into selecting our fabrics and colors so that we can offer you the best possible options for your ensemble. This week, we’re telling you a little more about our exclusive fabrics and what we love about them!


Named after a stunning and lively city, Barcelona sequins live up to their name. This fabric comes in four bold colors (red, emerald, turquoise, and fuchsia) and will look fabulous on any dress style. The tiny sequins that work together to create a larger design catch the light perfectly on stage, and your group is sure to sparkle under the lights during every performance. When this fabric first arrived in the Rivar’s office, we immediately fell in love with it. After playing around with a few names, we decided on Barcelona–the perfect name for this gorgeous and exclusive fabric.


1096PAN Emerald Barcelona (Mia)1097TUNFuchsia Barcelona (Rachel)



Looking for a pop of color? Empire gives you any pop you want! With sequins in every color of the rainbow, you can pair this fabric with a wide variety of other Rivar’s fabrics to customize the perfect show choir dress.

Our sales director, Tara, shares what she loves about Empire sequins:

“I love Empire because it follows mainstream fashion right now.  Aztec and tribal-feeling prints are everywhere, and this is the show choir version of what you are seeing in department stores.  We also love how the fabric transforms when you layer different colors underneath.  The creativity you can have with this fabric is unlimited!”


Pink and Empire (Molly)         2098TUN         Black and Empire (Katelin)


You loved this exclusive fabric in last year’s catalog, so we wanted to offer more options this year. What better color to add to our Enchanted sequins collection than turquoise? Turquoise is one of those magical colors that looks fantastic on everyone, so it seemed the perfect choice to bring into this year’s group of exclusive fabrics. For the second color, we were looking for something with a bit more drama. No color combination accomplishes “drama” better than black and silver. The Black Enchanted sequins turned out better than any of us could have imagined, and it adds something new and different to our available colors of Enchanted Sequins.

1097ATU-black         Turquoise Enchanted (Molly)

We are so excited to offer these Rivar’s exclusive fabrics this year! With options ranging from classy and bold to trendy and bright, you can never go wrong with a Rivar’s fabric for your choir costumes. Let us know how we can help you design the best costumes for your show choir–we are here to help your group shine their brightest on stage!


Follow us for a little more sparkle in your life!


5 WAYS Show Choir is like the Olympics

5 WAYS Show Choir is Like the Olympics

Has anyone else felt like they’ve been addicted to the Olympics the past week and a half? I am so fascinated by all the different events and the levels at which these athletes perform in their chosen sport. I thought that cleaning choreography in high school was hard, and then I tuned into synchronized swimming. Holy cow! That’s like doing a competition finale in the water! While there are no show choir olympics (darn.), there are several similarities between competing Olympics and participating in school music groups. So here is our tribute to the 2016 Olympics!

  1. We all wear specialty clothing.

Your show choir costumes may not have 5000 Swarovski crystals on them like the USA gymnastics team, but they look like they’re made out of mystique or metallic knit! Every Olympian wears specialty clothing that maximizes their ability to move in water, on a mat, or on a court. Show choir costumes are also specially made for the sport. They just happen to have a few more sequins!

For fun: Enjoy this fantastic video of average people trying on Olympic swimsuits 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 2.57.01 PM                         

  1. We practice A LOT.

They swim hundreds of laps. They shoot a lot of baskets. They run endless sprints.

You sing the same four measures over and over again. You review choreography for hours on end.

Just like Olympians, music ensemble participants spend hours in rehearsals and work hard to perfect the skills that will make their group the best it can be. You may not be trying to break world records with the speed of your choreography, but we know how much hard work goes into a clean competition number!

  1. The main event is over quickly.

All those hours of rehearsal, and your set is over in a matter of minutes? That’s how I’ve felt watching gymnastics routines and track & field events! Phew! It’s crazy how many hours (realistically, the hours add up to days or weeks) athletes and musicians put toward honing their skills to spend minutes actually showing the world what they can do. Is it worth it? Always.

  1. Hard work pays off.

The harder you work, the better you get. Both olympians and musicians understand this! Ensembles that put the effort into rehearsals and performances are bound to see results that reflect their hard work. The same goes for Olympic athletes. To win, they have to train hard. For both the musicians and the athletes, medals are sometimes the best reward!

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  1. We can all create unforgettable memories.

Olympians will never forget their moments competing or standing on the podium, where they wear a medal and hear their country’s national anthem. They create unforgettable memories as they train and compete in their chosen sport. Musicians do the same. Many of my favorite high school memories revolve around show choir: the rehearsals, the concerts, the competitions, and the time I spent with my friends in the group. Both Olympians and music students have endless opportunities to create lasting memories doing what they love with people who love what they do. Can we ask for more than that?